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Comprehensive Children’s Eye Exam

Children’s Eye Care

Your child’s eyes are special. A sense which is often overlooked unless it’s obvious they are bumping into furniture, falling over or complaining of difficulty seeing. Majority of children do not complain or know what is clear nor can they explain what they might be seeing and assume their vision is perfect.

In early years, vision helps them to find out about the world around them. As they begin school, their eyesight plays an integral role in their ability to learn and discover new interests and find new hobbies.

FACT: About 80% of what is taught in school is presented visually and contributes to memory function and learning.

‘My daughter went in for her first ever appointment. Very child friendly and accommodating, they have books and toys while they wait. Would definitely go back again! Thank you for making it a great experience for her.’

We Focus on the Next Generation

At Focus Eyecare, we take your child’s eyesight seriously and want to see them grow and achieve their very best!

Combining technology and the latest methods of testing, in a safe and friendly environment makes it an enjoyable experience for them. Most children have a visual screening assessment in early years at school. While these are very important, they are not a substitute for a complete eye test by a qualified optometrist.

We cover all the necessary tests to ensure your child’s vision and heath is optimal, whilst interacting with them and making it fun. In some instances, some children might need eye drops to get more accurate results. The eye drops make the pupils larger for a clearer view inside the eye. They also relax the eyes and stop them from over straining to produce accurate prescription results.

If your child requires glasses or correction using contact lenses, we’ll make the process as comfortable and easy as possible. We offer a wide range of glasses to suit all face shapes and sizes, ensuring they look stylist, are strong and fit perfectly.

Things to look out for

It’s difficult to tell whether your child has sight problems, which is why regular eye tests are important to monitor their visual development. There are a number of things to look out for:

  • Complaints of headaches or tired eyes after school
  • Straining their eyes or tilting their head to see better
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Having excessively watery eyes
  • Sitting close to the TV or holding books and objects close to their face
  • Being unusually clumsy and having poor hand and eye coordination
  • Complaints about blurred or double vision
  • Screwing their eyes up or closing one eye when they read or watch TV
  • Avoiding near concentration tasks, such as reading or writing
  • Closing one eye to read, watch TV or see better

Children’s eye exams are FREE and covered by the NHS for ages under 16, and up to the age 18 for those in full time education. We have an extensive range of children’s frames, which also are FREE on the NHS with various shapes, sizes and  colours.

 ‘Fantastic experience at Focus eye care. I had an eye check up for myself and my son. The optometrist was amazing, very family friendly, informative and very hi tech equipment. Good choice of frames to choose from. My 9 year old is very happy with his first glasses. Many thanks.’